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How to Start Services

How to Start Services

Simple 3 Steps

  • Administrative: Call our office at 972-772-2565 or fax demographics to 972-772-2566 to receive a free consultation regarding insurance eligibility.
  • Clinical: Once your insurance is verified as eligible for Staff-Assisted Dialysis service, we perform Clinical Assessment that includes a medical record review to check Patient Admission Qualifier, medical necessity and approval by our Medical Director, a Face-to-Face assessment, a home evaluation and finally, water sampling.
  • Admission: Upon Clinical endorsement for admission, equipment is installed, a nurse admits the patient to service and begin hemodialysis treatment. Patient will have an experienced dialysis nurse to perform the procedure

Patient Admission Qualifier

Freedom at Home Dialysis is a unique service limited to patients who are “non-admission” to the in-center dialysis facility. The “non-admission” can be temporary, and FAHD will provide TRANSITIONAL CARE. Freedom at Home Dialysis is a managed care program for staff-assisted dialysis as we approach each complex patient holistically. Patients can only be admitted to the program if a statement of medical necessity or letter of medical necessity from the attending physician.

These are the categories of the patients we see:

Admission Qualifier Categories

  1. Wound Care (Complicated Wound Issues)
  2. Bed Bound Patient (Requiring Stretcher And Ambulance Transport)
  3. Tracheostomy or on Vent
  4. Morbidly Obese Patients (Declined By Centers)
  5. Dementia/Alzheimer’s/Mental Retardation
  6. Psychological Disorder
  7. Complex Post Hospital DC (Immunocompromised, Chemotherapy, others)
  8. In-Center Non-Compliance And Receiving Hospital Dialysis
  9. Failed PD With Complications
  10. Post Surgery Complications

CONVENIENCE is NOT an Admission Qualifier for the program!

Insurance Accepted

We are a credentialed managed care provider for the following commercial Insurance companies: Amerigroup, Molina Health Care, Superior Health Plan, United Health Care (UHC) and Cigna. We DO NOT accept Traditional Medicare or Medicaid plans.