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Staff-Assisted Dialysis

When Dialysis clinic says NO… Freedom at Home Dialysis can!
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Freedom At Home Dialysis is your only choice for quality staff-assisted hemodialysis treatments at home or nursing home.

Only licensed and trained Dialysis Nurses who meet State guidelines for delivering treatments in the home, Skilled Nursing facilities and Assisted living facilities are employed by the agency. We cater to the needs of patients who do not qualify and/or considered “non-admission” to a dialysis facility for treatment. Our program is designed to be transitional in nature, allowing recovery until stable and qualified to return to outpatient treatment.

Common conditions that require Staff-Assisted Dialysis include the following:

  • Tracheostomy or on ventilator
  • Chemotherapy treatments
  • Wound Care preventing sitting up in a chair
  • Bedbound patients
  • Recent general or orthopedic surgery
  • Recent cardiac surgery or on LVAD
  • Behavioral issues
  • New to Dialysis (acute)
  • Or simply patient is considered “non-admission” at the dialysis clinic for treatment

Freedom At Home Dialysis’s Staff-Assisted Dialysis Program has partnered with several Skilled Nursing Facilities around Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex to help hospitals, LTACHs, and Acute Rehab Facilities make an easy transition from acute to long-term rehab facilities.

Insurance Accepted

We are a credentialed managed care provider for the following commercial Insurance companies: Molina Health Care, Superior Health Plan, United Health Care (UHC) and Cigna. We DO NOT accept Traditional Medicare or Medicaid plans.

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Condition of coverage

Home hemodialysis with professional staff assistance is medically necessary as an alternative to facility-based hemodialysis for treating patients with end-stage renal disease who meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. The patient is stable on dialysis and not at increased risk as a result of having the procedure performed outside a dialysis center venue; and
  2. The patient has well-functioning vascular access; and
  3. The patient has medical contraindications to leaving home for hemodialysis; and
  4. The patient or non-professional caregiver is not capable of performing home hemodialysis;

Staff-assisted home hemodialysis protocols generally match those provided in the hemodialysis center (i.e., at least 3 times per week, 3-4 hour treatments). The exact dialysis therapy employed is determined on an individual basis by the attending Nephrologist.