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  • 1309 Ridge Rd., Suite 105 Rockwall, Texas 75087


Lower Re-hospitalization Rates:

Our 8.3% re-hospitalization rate is below the national average, showcasing our effectiveness in delivering treatment and reducing the need for patient readmission


Zero Deficiency:

We have achieved a ZERO deficiency in state survey results, demonstrating a strong commitment to meeting regulatory requirements and upholding stringent quality standards.



Low Infection Rate:

With an infection rate of less than 1%, our rigorous infection control measures and commitment to maintaining a hygienic environment ensure patient safety.



Reduced Missed Treatments:

Our 6.3% rate of missed treatments is below the national average, underscoring our dedication to ensuring patients consistently receive their prescribed treatments for improved outcomes and satisfaction


Personalized Care Approach:

We provide individualized one-on-one care for each patient, leading to outstanding clinical outcomes. Our focus on personalized treatment plans and patient-centered care consistently results in superior results.