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Having difficulty discharging a patient receiving hemodialysis?

Freedom at Home Dialysis can help!

The medically complex patients on dialysis are patients with open tracheostomy, ventilators, complex open wounds, or those who simply could not go to the in-center dialysis clinics or have been refused or denied admission by the clinics for any reason.

FAHD also helped patients with proper insurance who are on compassionate dialysis care at the hospital.

Our Program Benefits You

Length of Stay

Our program assists hospitals in quickly discharging patients

Ease in Transfer Of Care

Partnered with plenty of Skilled Nursing Facilities in the DFW metroplex

Clinical Partnerships

Partnered with several board-certified Nephrologists and SNF’s in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, and East Texas areas

Examples of how early implementation of our program could reduce the length of stay in Hospitals:

Patient T.D., Baylor University Medical Center, over 385 days of hospital stay.

Case: tracheostomy and ESRD on dialysis. This patient could heave been discharged 180 days earlier

Patient L.W., Charlton Methodist Hospital, 1222 days of hospital stay.

Case: Open tracheostomy and ESRD on dialysis. FAHD’s partnership with the right SNF who can take care of open tracheostomy patients made hospital discharge possible. If we had been contacted 2 years earlier, the discharge could have been 2 years early.

Patient T. K., ETMC Tyler, weekly admission to the hospital for compassionate dialysis.

Case: behavioral issues and ESRD on dialysis. Discharged to home with staff-assisted dialysis.

Patient P.B., Baylor University Medical Center, over 180 days of hospital stay.

Case Fractured Spine, Paraplegic, and ESRD on dialysis could have been discharged 45 days earlier.

Discharged to SNF with staff-assisted dialysis