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Is your patient on hemodialysis lingering at the hospital or LTACH because no dialysis center will accept your patient and costing more?

Freedom at Home Dialysis helps patients go home or transfer to a lower-cost facility like SNF. On many occasions, patients overstay for weeks or months at the hospital, waiting for a dialysis center to accept them.

Freedom at Home Dialysis cost-effectively manages complex dialysis patients by identifying each patient's need from referral to admission and providing a Clinical Partner that can take care of co-morbidities.

Innovating Kidney Care

We provide frequent and ongoing system assessments to prevent and proactively address patient medical issues preventing regular dialysis-related hospitalization or prolonged hospitalizationdue to exacerbation of co-morbidities.

We consider ourselves as managed care staff-assisted dialysis program.

  • Patient admissions are based only on medical necessity
  • All-Inclusive bundled payment managed care
  • Holistic approach in managing patient co-morbidities other than ESRD
  • Innovative delivery of patient care utilizing Clinical Partners
  • 6.5% overall total hospitalization for 2020 - Dialysis and Non-dialysis related
  • .002% dialysis-related hospitalization in 2020
  • Cost-saving alternative for patients who can’t be discharged from the hospital
  • An alternative treatment for patients getting “compassionate dialysis care”
  • Rapid Response Admission Intake to facilitate earky hospital discharge
  • Transirional staff-assisted dialysis
  • Lowest cost in staff-assisted dialysis

How Our Program Thrives

Our unique admission screening process includes a thorough face-to-face hospital assesment and a required letter of medical necessity from the attending physician before accepting a patient in our program

Our developed Admission Criteria to match patients with SNFs and other Clicical Partners to prevent re-hospitalization

Zero Deficiency on our July 2023 Texas Department of Health State Survey