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Partnering with hospitals, LTACH, and SNF is our model.

We firmly focused our day-to-day operations in partnership with local hospitals, LTACH, and SNF resulting in increasing trust, confidence, and reputation in the staff-assisted dialysis program of Freedom at Home Dialysis.  In 2020, Hospital and LTACH Casemanagers, Socials Workers, and Nephrologists started to include Freedom at Home Dialysis as part of the discharge process for difficult-to-discharge dialysis patients.  We have gained an excellent reputation in the local hospitals and LTACH and insurance Case Managers as a dialysis staff-assisted company that can expedite the process of hospital discharge on those dialysis patients that are denied or considered non-admission for in-center dialysis facilities.

Partnering with Freedom at Home Dialysis, you become a Clinical partner of a company that is dedicated to supporting the needs of your patient and growing with you. We work hard for all of our Clinical partners to ensure that dialysis patients are cared for every time.

Here’s what you get from partnering with us.


  • Increase census
  • Better patient care
  • More program to offer for SNF

For Hospitals

  • Decrease Length of Stay
  • Excellent discharge coordination of the hard to discharge dialysis patients


  • Decrease Length of Stay
  • Freedom at Home Dialysis pro-active participation in the discharge planning

For Nephrologists

  • For patients considered “non-admission” to the in-center facility
  • For temporary or transitional care of patient needing staff-assisted dialysis treatment before returning to the in-center facility as considered in our Admission Qualifier.
  • Transitional care patients are mostly followed by their own Nephrologist and they decide when patient is ready to go back to the in-center facility

A Total Win for the Patient

Licensure Compliance
Freedom at Home Dialysis adheres to the most stringent regulatory compliance procedures in the industry.   Our agency is geared towards the culture of compliance and satisfaction of our patients and the patients family we serve.  We developed a process that is unique to the Staff-Assisted Dialysis Program from referral-admission-equipment install to home or SNF- supply delivery- patient treatment-clinical support

Excellent Track Record
We started the agency in 2013. We fast-tracked and become clinically, operationally, and financially strong. We have expanded to quickly and established staff-assisted hemodialysis program as a viable option for “non-admission” to center dialysis patients and provide a safe environment for dialysis treatment.

Insurance Accepted

We are a credentialed managed care provider for the following commercial Insurance companies: Amerigroup, Molina Health Care, Superior Health Plan, United Health Care (UHC) and Cigna. We DO NOT accept Traditional Medicare or Medicaid plans.