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Freedom at Home Dialysis cost-effectively manages complex dialysis patients by identifying each patient need from referral to admission and providing a Clinical Partner that can take care of co-morbidities. We provide frequent and ongoing clinical system assessments to prevent and proactively address patient medical issues preventing regular dialysis-related hospitalization or prolonged hospitalization due to exacerbation of co-morbidities. We considered ourselves as a managed care staff-assisted dialysis program.

As an innovator in kidney care, we drive industry-leading results on behalf of our customers and patients.

Patient admission are based only on medical necessity

All patients referred for staff-assisted dialysis are screened for medical necessity and are only admitted if the patient meets FAHD and Payor admission standards. Statement or letter of medical necessity from attending physician is required, approval from clinical panel for safety in dialyzing outside of the facility.

All-Inclusive bundled payment managed care

FAHD in-network agreement is based on the bundled payment system.

Holistic approach in managing patient co-morbidities other than ESRD

Our clinical staff is trained to assess the whole system and are encouraged to utilize our network of clinical partners as needed to address patients’ issues other than dialysis to prevent unplanned hospitalization or prolonged hospitalization.

.0020% dialysis-related hospitalization in 2020

Our supervising clinical team is proactive in monitoring labs, signs and symptoms of patient overload, anemia, and other issues that prevent hospitalization. We manage clinical issues with pro-active Nephrologist communications.

6.54% overall total hospitalization for 2020 – Dialysis and Non-dialysis Related

While the State and National standards of dialysis-related hospitalization are below 35%, our 2020 record indicates a huge success in our approach managing ESRD care despite the highest acuity in the type of ESRD patients FAHD sees outside of the hospitals or LTACH. When patients are not candidates for in-center hemodialysis due to complex co-morbidities or issues, they are referred to Freedom at Home Dialysis for treatment.

Innovative delivery of patient care utilizing Clinical Partners

FAHD innovative approach to patient care includes admission screening by our Clinical Team and instituted unique Admission Qualifier Categories

This program is not for convenience but a medical necessity

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How we got our excellent survey result:

It starts with having a temperature-controlled storage and maintenance facility…

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Organized Home/SNF Set-up…

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Monthly Interdisciplinary Case Conference/QAPI with our Medical Director

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