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Get Better Patient Outcomes with Home Dialysis

Get Better Patient Outcomes with Home Dialysis

Endless trips to dialysis centers can often cause a great deal of strain on patients, both in terms of their physical health and their mental health. Having to leave the comfort of their homes or care facilities to undergo this treatment can lead to an inordinate amount of stress. In the same way, administering dialysis to yourself at home can also be tiring and stressful, particularly if you aren’t comfortable with this procedure. Fortunately, though, there is an option for patients with chronic kidney disease that can offer better outcomes than in-center or home dialysis. Staff-assisted home hemodialysis can ensure that your dialysis treatment is both comfortable and safe, and it can even help you to enjoy your daily life a lot more.

Unless it is done on a very frequent basis, which can be difficult and time-consuming, visiting a dialysis center for treatment is not as effective as home dialysis. When your dialysis is performed at home, you’re able to do it more frequently and for shorter periods of time, which mimics the normal function of the kidneys. Increased frequency of dialysis has led to lower mortality rates as well as fewer negative side effects, which are all too common during infrequent dialysis treatments performed at a center. With staff-assisted dialysis at home, you’ll get all of these benefits and more. A licensed nurse will be performing your dialysis treatment each and every visit, so there’ll be less chance of mistakes or problems that could lead to health concerns down the road.

Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

When you spend countless hours driving to and from dialysis centers, life can seem pretty bleak. Instead of enjoying your time with friends and family members, you’re stuck traveling and sitting in waiting rooms or medical facilities all the time. When you opt for home dialysis with assistance from a professional nurse, you’ll be able to avoid all of these long trips. Instead, you’ll get to stay at home and spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

Control Your Treatment

Patients who are stuck getting dialysis from treatment centers often feel like they have no control over their treatment. Feeling like this can lead to depression, which can in itself cause negative outcomes for patients. When you opt for staff-assisted home dialysis, you’ll get way more control over your treatment, and that can lead to an improved mood and improved health to boot. Being able to schedule your treatments around the other elements in your daily life will help you to feel empowered, and this will ensure that your treatment goes much smoother.

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